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Our Strategy

We are Linx Networks Ltd

Linx-Networks Limited came to being primarily to add value to the operation of private and public enterprise by filling service delivery and performance gap which the promoters of the company have identified and are passionate about thereby bringing relief to private and public enterprise IT service consumers. These gaps are in the area of IT/Telecom infrastructure deployment and service delivery. This delivery and performance gap is created by the non existence of dynamic, agile and efficiently run medium sized ICT companies that are able to respond professionally to the IT /Telecom needs of private and public enterprises who in turn depend on ICT to succeed in the growing competitive business environment. The delivery and performance gap which has resulted in inefficiency of most of the existing IT /Telecom organization is occasioned by the huge bureaucratic nature of these organizations and the fact that their size is no longer optimized for what they are doing. Some of the existing ICT companies has grown so big that they are no longer able to respond to the ICT needs of the organization they are created to serve. To be able to service the would-be clients however our strategy is hinged on five key approaches which are:

  • Super Internal Efficiency (SIE),
  • Unmatchable External Agility (UEA)
  • Value For Money (VFM).
  • Integrity superb
  • Responsive culture
  • Our strategy of Super Internal Efficiency, demands that we operate a super-efficient organization that is able to deliver a turnaround which none of the existing ICT Company can deliver. Hence we have put in place flat organizational structure that makes it possible to process any request within hours of originating such request. This efficient structure is supported by the use of appropriate technologies which makes it possible for us to operate a paperless environment and remove the limitation of distance in getting things done. With this strategy we are able to kill the heavy bureaucracy that typifies the big ICT companies whose inefficiency created the gap that we now exist to fill. This strategy is what prepared us for and indeed make it possible for us to deliver on the remaining two strategies. Our strategy of Unmatched External Agility, demands that we respond to the customer's ICT deployment and service requirement just as those deployment and services are required. Knowing that ICT infrastructure and services are not an end in themselves but a means to an end we understand that if the means is not in place on time the required end cannot also be delivered in time. Clear understanding of our role as ICT provider in the value chain of making the customer achieve his own end positioned us deliver on our part so that the customer can ultimately deliver on his own part. Hence we have put in place an efficient project delivery methodology which leverage on the principles of Prince II and PMP as well as a forecasting methodology that prepares us well ahead of the customer's requirement. These two coupled with our mentality of we existing to make the customer succeed makes it possible for us to respond to our customer's ICT requirement faster than any other ICT company in Nigeria. Our basis for choosing these three way test is as presented below:
    Perfect Price(PP):
    The customers want to be able to respond competitively to the requirement of her own customers and competition and hence cannot acquire expensive technologies or capabilities that will make them even more expensive. Thus only a cost effective ICT solution will make it possible for him to achieve this.
    Timely Deployment:
    Timeliness of the deployment of the solution is the key as this gives first mover as well as competitive advantage to the customer. Agility becomes more key given the plan-less nature of our environment which makes deployment to become urgent before they commence. Hence instead of trying to get the customers to plan more, ICT companies need to plan for the customers' and hence position themselves to be able to respond faster to the customers; requirements. While the other two strategies show how we organize ourselves to provide succor to our customers' ICT requirement the third strategy touches on the reason for our existence. Hence our mission of enabling our client's business for improved growth, profitability and liquidity through innovative IT solutions delivered by highly motivated staff leveraging technology. Technology fit: Since IT /Telecom is an enabler, it can only enable if the solution is well chosen and is rightly deployed for only the right IT/Telecom solution that fit perfectly into the requirement of the customer will make it possible for them to respond to the market demands. Hence the right solution that will deliver on their requirement is what is needed.


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